International Conference on Greenways and Sustainable Tourism

Participating in greenways seminars in Latvia

The seminars were organised by the Latvian Greenways Association and held in Keipene and Gulbene. EGWA Director presented European Greenways best practices that can inspire new actions in Latvia, as part of the EU Interreg project “Greenways Riga-Vilaka”. The seminars involved local administrations promoting greenways and private sector stakeholders who […]


Kick-off- meeting of SIGWAY

Launch of the European project SIGWAY, Sport in Greenways. The kick-off- meeting of the SIGWAY, Sport in Greenways project was held in Madrid on 6-7 June. The project is carried out in the framework of the Eramus + Sport call. The meetings were combined with a visit by bike to […]



Call for candidacies for the 10th European Greenways Award 2021 (Deadline for applications: Thursday 27th May 2021) The European Greenways Association (EGWA) announces the call for candidacies for the 10th European Greenways Award (EGA) 2021 organised by EGWA in co-operation with the Generalitat Valenciana (Valencia Region), through the Regional Ministry of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility […]