European projects

With the collaboration of many different partners, EGWA carry out European projects. The common objective is to promote and going further in the promotion and the acknowledging of the contribution of these infrastructures to the development and diversification of regional and local economies and for the soft mobility.

Current and recent projects:

SIGWAY , Sport in Greenways. The aim of the project is to promote sport and healthy leisure activities outdoors by stimulating sports activities offer in greenways and potential greenways while raising awareness on environmental issues and circular economy. Co-funded by ERASMUS. EGWA leads the WP 2, that includes the research and mapping, and co-lead the strategy and Guidelines as expert on Greenways and implement all activities of the project. 

OUR WAY project aims to contribute to the conserving, protecting, promoting and developing natural and cultural heritage in Europe using Greenways; is co-funded by Interreg Europe, and EGWA participates in this project as advisory partner. 

The “Greenways Heritage” project aims to develop and diversify the European tourism offer by generating new tourism products that connect greenways and UNESCO sites located in their vicinity, creating new tourism products joining both destinations. Greenways Heritage has been co-funded by the COSME program of the European Union, and coordinated by the EGWA.

The project “Accessible Tourism on European Greenways: Greenways For All” aims to move forward towards the creation of accessible tourism products linked to greenways. Greenways4ALL has helped improve accessibility to and around greenways.

EGWA has also coordinated the Greenways Outdoor project. The objective is the creation and transnational promotion of an outdoor tourism product linked to European greenways, and the capacity building of SMEs located in their vicinity so that they can tailor their services to the demands of customers and so become more competitive.

Previously EGWA coordinated the Greenways4tour project to promote sustainable tourism through the greenway network. In the framework of the European program Intelligent Energy, EGWA participated in the Naviki project in order to promote cycling on greenways. With its participation in the Greenways Product project, EGWA promoted the creation of the European greenways tourism product.

There are thousands of kilometres of greenways in Europe with a great potential for development, and they are a very useful tool for the development of tourism in rural areas.

Previous projects:

EGWA launched two European projects in the framework of the INTERREG program: REVER AMNO (Aire Métropolitaine Nord-Ouest, 1999- 2001) and REVER MED (Méditerranée Occidentale, 2002-2004), aimed at the creation of a transnational, traffic-free European Greenways Network (REseau Vert EuRopéen, REVER).

Drawing up THE EUROPEAN GREENWAYS GOOD PRACTICE GUIDE. Examples of Actions Undertaken in Cities and the Periphery. With the support of the European Commission, Directorate-General for the Environment.