The Greenways4tour project fits in with the call to “promote transnational thematic tourism” products in the European Union to develop sustainable tourism. For the first time, greenways have been included in the grant programme of the European Commission’s General Directorate of Tourism (2011) [1], indicating that they are an area regarded to have great potential and value for the development of sustainable tourism within Europe.

Greenways are independent non-motorized routes, mainly using disused railways and canal towpaths. Safe, accessible and very attractive, they give easy access to areas of outstanding natural beauty (e.g. in mountainous areas, by way of tunnels and viaducts). The aim of the project is to promote and increase international awareness of European greenways as excellent facilities for cyclists, hikers and people with disabilities and improving sustainable tourism choices in Europe. Greenways4Tour web leaflet

Main objectives:


  •  Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain “Best practices on Greenways”, 27/04/2012
  • Nantes, France: “EuroVelo, Greenwyas and cycle tourism” 26/09/2012 (ECF-EGWA joint conference) 
  • Piatra Neamt (Romania), Workshop on greenways (in the framework of the International Congress on Rural Tourisms. 8-9/10/2012 
  • Madrid (Spain) “Workshop on accessible tourism” (Predif – EGWA joint workshop; at FITUR International tourism fair) 01/02/2013
  • Presentation of the “Greenways4tour” project at the Lisbon International Tourism Exhibition 28/02/2013  

News letters:

February / Février / Febrero 2013

Accessible Tourism and Greenways at FITUR / Coordination meeting / Greenways4tour at International events: Navarra and Lisbon Tourisme accessible et Greenways à la FITUR / Réunion de coordination / Greenways4tour à des congrès internationaux de Navarre et de Portugal Turismo accesible y Vías verdes en FITUR / Reunión de coordinación / Greenways4tour en eventos internacionales de Navarra y Lisboa

December / Décembre / Diciembre 2012

EN:  1st Eurovelo, Greenways and Cycle Tourism Conference – Nantes; Workshop Greenways in Romania; 16th Meeting of the French Departments and Regions Cycling Association; Internal coordination meeting “Greenways4Tour” project. FR: 1e Conférence Eurovelo, Voies Verdes et Vélotourisme – Nantes; Workshop Voies Vertes – Roumanie; 16es Rencontres des Départaments et Régions Cyclables de France; Réunion du project “Greenways4Tour”   ES: 1ª Conferencia Eurovelo, Vías Verdes y Cicloturismo – Nantes; Workshop Vías Verdes – Rumanía; 16º Encuentro de Departamentos y Regiones Ciclables de Francia; Reunión del proyecto “Greenways4Tour


Contact : Mercedes MuñozEuropean Greenways Association [1] “Promotion of transnational thematic tourism products in the EU as means of sustainable tourism development” 12/G/ENT/TOU/11/411B in the framework of the preparatory action “Sustainable Tourism”