Title of the project: Development and promotion of a transnational cultural tourism product linked to greenways and UNESCO cultural sites.

Acronym of the project: Greenways HERITAGE

The aim of the project is to promote UNESCO and other heritage sites near greenways as a fundamental and characterizing part of them, thereby developing a new tourism product combining the two resources.


Project duration and start date:  1st May 2018 – 31 October 2019

Short description of project:   

  • The project is about the development and diversification of the European tourism offer by generating new tourism products related to heritage greenways and UNESCO cultural heritage sites located nearby.

Greenways are independent non-motorized routes, mainly using disused railways and canal towpaths. Safe, accessible and very attractive, they give easy access to areas of outstanding natural beauty (e.g. in mountainous areas, by way of tunnels and viaducts). Many greenways have outstanding UNESCO heritage sites nearby, although to date there is no joint promotion effort from which the two significant cultural resources can benefit.

Main objectives:

  • To develop new tourism products linked to UNESCO sites and greenways heritage in Europe that increase the added value and attractiveness of both resources.
  • To improve the competitiveness of SMEs around UNESCO sites and greenways and to strength public-private cooperation, in order to support the creation of the new tourism products that enhance the existing cultural heritage of the territory.
  • To promote the use of new technologies applied to greenways and UNESCO sites to better inform tourists and so enhance their experience:

⇒   To set up a web-GIS multi-platform, with useful information on cultural sites and related greenways.

⇒    To develop an innovative action: 360º virtual reality experience (UNESCO & greenway)

  • To attract more tourists and to generate an economic impact on territories which have both UNESCO sites and greenways, and in particular on the SMEs located in their vicinity.
  • To achieve the maximum international promotion of the project and the UNESCO sites and greenways as common destinations.

⇒ See an overview of the main results here.


Lead partner/coordinator:

  • Association européenne des Voies vertes Aisbl (EGWA) -European Greenways Association (Belgium), European Scope


  • Latvijas Zalo Celu Asociācija (Latvian Greenways Association) (Latvia)
  • Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (Spain)
  • Stad Mechelen (Belgium)
  • Universita Degli Studi di Milano (Italy)
  • Turismo Vivencial SL (Spain)
  • Comunidade Intermunicipal Do Ave (Portugal)
  • Provincie Antwerpen (Belgium)




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