The seminars were organised by the Latvian Greenways Association and held in Keipene and Gulbene.

EGWA Director presented European Greenways best practices that can inspire new actions in Latvia, as part of the EU Interreg project “Greenways Riga-Vilaka”.

The seminars involved local administrations promoting greenways and private sector stakeholders who have set up businesses in the vicinity of greenways, in particular in former railway stations.
EGWA director presented best practices in European greenways that can inspire new actions in Latvia, as part of the Interreg project “Greenways Riga-Vilaka”.

It was a great opportunity to see the great progress and increase of public and private initiatives involved in the development of greenways in Latvia!

  • => Transforming disused railway tracks as greenways.
  • => Recovery of collapsed bridges and building new ones
  • => Rehabilitation of old stations for tourist uses, community activity centers, museums.
  • => Strong commitment to move forward with new greenways projects!

The finishing touch was a “chance meeting” with the Latvian Minister of Transport on the way home. Sincere thanks to Minister Talis Linkaits for his support for greenway initiatives, and for listening carefully to our proposals for moving forward, enhancing services around greenways, improvements in intermodality with public transport, especially rail, and safe connections to attractions and activity centres, to encourage use of greenways by tourism and the local community.


Location: Keipene and Gulbene (Latvia)