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European Scope.

European Greenways Observatory (EGO):

An essential source of information to discover thousands of kilometres of non-motorized routes in Europe. They are easy, safe, accessible and really attractive trails. The EGO will include as many European greenways as possible, describing the location and the main features of these routes. Members of EGWA and other interested institutions have the opportunity to provide key data about their greenways which are collected on this unique web platform, available in three languages: English, French and Spanish.

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The Wallonnie has an important greenways network, the RAVeL, on disused railway corridors as well as on towpaths along canals and rivers.  This signed network is an excellent tool for promoting long distance cycle routes You can use the online dynamic mapping of the RAVEL (greenways) from the Walloon Region, to plan your trips and your walks: Furthermore, the team of the association Chemins de Rail has produced a set of discovery trails (part of them are greenways). It includes the description of the routes by bike or foot. This sheets are of great help to organize your walks or rides. In Wallonnie the greenways keep the name of the former railway line; you can see information files about the lines here:

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Czech Republic

There are also some fantastic greenways reconverted from abandoned railways in the Czech Republic, although many of the so-called “greenways” in the country correspond to trails or natural corridors where the traffic – free is not a condition, and so they run along existing routes with shared traffic; you must pay attention to the track and especially the sections of shared traffic and the slopes, in those so-called “greenways” that are not rail-trail. More info here:

See also the new web portal of  TOP cycle routes in Czechia including EuroVelo routes, Greenways and cycling friendly businesses   The  web site is available in English, German and Czech.

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Discover the great greenways and cycle routes network in France in the interactive map that runs AF3V association. This is the reference map for all interested in greenways and cycle routes in France. The advanced search will allow you to access quickly and easily to any data of the map. Including ideas of long distance itineraries, as Avenue Verte The perfect complement is the map of the Greenways and cycle routes of France (1:1000.000); great info in hard copy, that can be combined with a QR code to provide you useful info, also in your mobile: This fantastic information is available thanks to the French Association for the Promotion of Cycle Routes and Greenways (AF3V).

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Find out Ideas to explore the Romantischer Rhein and its side valleys on a tour along the riverside cycle trails.

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In absence of an overview map of greenways in Ireland, we offer you information from the two European awarded greenways that you cannot miss! Great Western Greenway: Great Southern Trail:

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There are some 6400 Km of abandoned rail lines in Italy of which about 600 Km have been transformed into greenways. Italy has very beautiful examples of greenways worth visiting!  You can find partial information about the Italian greenways here: and about the local action group Gal Delta del Po here:

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This Latvia Bike map is a unique first-edition, which combines the best Latvian signposted cycling routes and Greenways, highlighting the uniqueness, cultural and natural heritage of Vidzeme, Kurzeme, Zemgale and Latgale regions. Download the map here:

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The Luxembourg National network counts with some 600 km of cycle routes, 120 km using disused railways lines: the 90 % of disused railways lines have been reconverted into greenways! You have more than 20 signposted routes to discover the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and safe cycle routes The online map and also the online description fiches of the itineraries, will help you to find your route; pay attention to the beautiful transnational tracks that will permit you enjoy the great experience to cross the country by bike! See map here: See the details of the routes:

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The North Sea Cycleway goes through Rogaland County Council, where you can go for a beautiful ride or walk on the former railroad line between Hellvik and Egersund. Although there are some challenging hills you can always put foot on ground, because the landscape is really worth!

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Ecopistas is the name given to the greenways in Portugal.  The country counts with more than 200 Km of great quality ecopistas; they are an exellent tool to discover hidden destination in Portugal by bike or walking. Find general info from the different greenways/ecopistas, under the program promoted by REFER, including description and the general map, that can be found here:

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No doubt the great reference of the Spanish Greenways is  . Find out wide information, maps of the itineraries and TV series videos about the 3225 Km distributed in 131 itineraries of the well knows Spanish greenways. From long distance routes (of more than 120 Km) to small greenways, you can use the search tool to choose your perfect ride or walk. It is also available the map of Spanish greenways in English / Dutch/ German. Have a look also at the accessible greenways web. It includes detailed info concerning the level of accessibility in 10 Spanish greenways. This info is especially suitable for people with disabilities and families with small children:

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Sustrans promotes and manages the National Cycke Network (NCN) in UK. It is currently over 22,500 km long (about one third of this is on greenways and other traffic-free paths). The online map of the NCN is an complete and updated tool to find out excellent information about the routes  in UK; you can search particular routes by different criteria: A special recommendation is the inspiring and informative guidebook Sustrans’ Traffic-Free Cycle Rides  to get the most out of your cycling trips around the UK. And the red-top cycle map series –

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