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logo-greenways outdoor_frameEuropean Greenways Day 2016

Journée européenne des Voies vertes 2016

Día Europeo de las Vías Verdes 2016 


Promoting greenways during European Mobility Week

  • Greenways and Greenways Outdoor project in the European Mobility Week
  • Organize your promotional event any day during the week 16-22 September 2016
  • To access greenways, better by public transport

During European Mobility Week (16-22 September 2016), EGWA would like to encourage greenway managers and user associations to organize all sorts of events around these traffic-free routes on the 15th European Greenways Day. Any day during this week, since you can choose the day that best suits the activity you want to promote. The aim is to help raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable mobility for the environment as well as to help promote European greenways generally. In addition, this year, we want to promote greenways as a suitable infrastructure for different groups to practise outdoor activities at any time of year, as part of the EU funded Project Greenways Outdoor The general objective of the project is the diversification of the tourism offer in Europe by generating new products relating to greenways and capitalizing on existing ones, thereby improving the competitiveness of the European greenway-based tourism industry, that fits very well with the EMW slogan of this year: Smart mobility. Strong economy. Furthermore the use of greenways is explicitly encouraged in the “European Mobility Week Handbook Manual 2016″  that also includes EGWA as a reference organization (see pages 16-17); the Manual is available on different languages. Please, tell us what great activities you’ve got planned and we’ll spread the word to inspire other members to make European Greenways Day a huge success.

Take part in the European Greenways Day and European Mobility Week! 

  • Download and send us the form with the details of your activity (before 22 September) so they can serve as examples to other greenways managers and associations. Afterwards send us some photos of your event.
  • Follow us on: FacebookTwitterInstagram and stay up to date with all the events happening on greenways during European Mobility Week.
  • Participate in our social media CONTEST “European Mobility Week YOUR WAY ON A GREENWAY! ” and encourage your followers to participate as well (5-26th of September) #YourGreenwayEMW
  • Tag us in your photos and activities and use the hashtags #EMWGreenwaysDay, #EMWGwDay2016 #MobilityWeek, #GreenwaysOutdoor and #EuropeanGreenways2016 for your event on Social Media and we’ll make sure to share it with our international community.
  • Include the European Greenways Day logo and the European Mobility Week in your call and communication activities
  • The period for communicating activities finishes on September 22 to coincide with the “Car Free Day”
  • The activities announced before September 16th will be compiles in a special EMW list of activities and will be diffused via web and Social Media beside the promotion received during your event.

Thanks in advance for your participation! 

Greenway Outdoor is an EU-funded project, the main goal of which is the creation and transnational promotion of an outdoor tourism product linked to European greenways, and the capacity building of SMEs located in their vicinity so that they can tailor their services to the demands of customers and so become more competitive. Download Greenways Outdoor leaflet. “The European Mobility Week” (EMW) is the campaign for sustainable mobility with greater impact in the world and takes place every year from 16 to 22 September, since 1999. Greenways have been cooperating with the European Mobility Week through the European Greenways Day since 2002, when the slogan of the campaign expressly referred to these safe and accessible routes as: Public Transport, Cycling and Living Streets/Greenways

Enjoy greenways! Joint EGWA!

co-funded-cosme-horiz_en This activity is organized by the European Greenways Association, in the framework of the European project Greenways Outdoor (co-founded by the Cosme programme of the European Union). The objective is to promote greenways as a suitable infrastructure for different groups to practise outdoor activities at any time of year.