The experience exchange symposium      

Namur,  Belgium. Friday June 29th, 2018,

Presentations available for download (in English or French); See the outline of the symposium and events here


08:45     Welcome

Opening speech

09:15     Frédéric Razée. Minister of Public Works, Walloon Region  (Belgium)                                                                  

09:25     Start. Adrien Joveneau, moderator                                       

At the beginning…

09:30     Why is it necessary to go to the USA to hear about Spanish Vias Verdes ? Gilbert Perrin, EGWA and association Chemins du Rail (Belgium)                                

09:40     From the Walloon RAVeL to the European greenways, the role of the Walloon Region. Marc Bovin, member of the cabinet of the Michel Lebrun, former Minister (Belgium)                                        

09:55     A vision for Reconnecting America : the trigger toward a European Greenways Association. Paul Labovitz (USA)                                  

10:10     EGWA’s birth, the challenges. Joaquín Jiménez, 1st president of EGWA (Spain)                                             

10:25     Break

EGWA’s benefits – The progress in the concept of greenways

10:45     Start. Adrien Joveneau, moderator                                       

10:50     The importance of former railway lines, cross border connections. Christoph Hendrich, Tourism Agency of the East of Belgium (Belgium)                                         

11:05     The influence of other countries on a national project: The results in the Baltic area. Janis Sijats, Latvian Greenwsy Association (Latvia)                                

11:20     Ireland : from the community movement to a national vision. Denis McAuliffe (Great Southern Trail) & Mary Stack (Failte Ireland) (Ireland)

Management : finance, maintenance, mobility tool

11:40     Start. Adrien Joveneau, moderator                                       

11:45     Ecopistas : the origins, the present and the future. Luis Silvestre & Filipe Beja (former and present managers of the National Greenways Scheme of Portugal ). Infraestructuras de Portugal (Portugal)

12:05     UK wide Sustrans initiative «One Path». Gordon Clarke, Sustrans (UK)                                             

12:20     The first greenway… And perspectives. Mirko Radovanac (Yugo cycling campaing) & Marija Trmčić Bogojević (Ucize city council) (Serbia)                                       


12:40     Questions-answers. Adrien Joveneau, moderator                                        

13:00     Lunch

Promotion, tourism, heritage

14:00     Start. Adrien Joveneau, moderator                                       

14:05     Namur in the heart of the European cycle routes. Maxime Prévot, Mayor of Namur (Belgium)                                              

14:15     Greenways of Spain, a European example. Carmen Aycart & Arantxa Hernández (Former and current manager of the Vias Verdes program from the Spanish Railways Foundation (Spain) 

14:35     Railway and industrial heritage, cycle path or greenway?. Christa Mrozek, Wuppertalbewegung e.V. (Germany)                                       

14:50     An exceptional promotion of railway heritage. Sylvia Gleitsmann NÖ Werbung (Lower Austrian Tourism Board) & Christian Schrefel FbW4 (Austria)                                      

15:05     Greenways, heritage and tourism: the point of view of the Walloon Region. Stéphanie Villance, General Commissariat for Tourism (Belgium)                                    

15:15     Break

And now…

15:35     Start. Adrien Joveneau, moderator                                       

15:40     National scheme, cycle routes and greenways, planning and predictions at the scale of a country with 67 million inhabitants. Camille Thomé, departments and cycling regions of France (France)                                           

15:55     Saint-Petersburg and the Baltic zone, soft mobility and greenways projects. Olga Lakimenko, from ICSER Leontief Centre. Coordinator of Green Mobility Project Development (San Petersburg, Russia)               

16:10     EGWA and its future. Giulio Senes & Mercedes Muñoz, European Greenways Association (Europe)                                      


16:30     Questions- answers. Adrien Joveneau, moderator                                       


16:50     The role of greenways in the development of a sustainable environment in Europe. EGWA presidents: Joaquin Jiménez, 1st president of EGWA (Spain); Gilbert Perrin past president, (Belgium); Giulio Senes EGWA president (Italy), European Greenways Association (Europe)                                  

17:00     Closing Drink

Gala evening at the Theatre of Namur

Saturday June 30th, 2018 – visit by bike 

09:30     Meeting point at « Maison des Cyclistes »

Bike ride in the Namur city, then ride along the RAVeL, direction Wépion.                                          

12:00     Lunch at the restaurant « Le Val 9 »

14:00 to 17:00    Bike ride with stop to Wépion for tasting of strawberries

Back to Namur.



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