Greenways and UNESCO sites a common destination. Activities and opportunities of cooperation.

Workshop & Working meeting.  Namur (Belgium) Thursday 28 June 2018   – 16:30 

Venue:  C/o Siège de Chemins du Rail – Rue van Opré 97 ;  5th floor  – Namur


  • →   To present the new EU funded project Greenways Heritage to the EGWA members and greenways network, and the opportunities of cooperation
  • →   To encourage greenways network to cooperate and to request the contribution to the project from partners outside the consortium.
  • →   To promote the application of new technologies to inform visitors and to improve the knowledge of the existing cultural heritage of the territory.
  • →   Networking between partners and participants: how you can contribute to the project Greenways Heritage and how the project can help your greenways and Cultural resources to become better prepared for tourism and for being more internationally well-known.


  • Greenways Heritage (10′)

Project General Overview: Greenways and UNESCO sites a winning duo. Mercedes Muñoz, AEVV-EGWA – Lead Partner/Coordinator.

  • Detailed content of the work and opportunities to participate in the different actions of Greenways Heritage. (40′)

Team partners: Arantxa Hernández, FFE Vias Verdes; Giulio Senes Milan University; Kris Rokelé and representatives from Stad Mechelen / Provincie Antwerpen, Mercedes Muñoz, AEVV-EGWA.  (10min per presentation).

 Special Focus on:

→ Mapping greenways and resources on greenways & Touristic GIS – Multiplatform Web-GIS based application.

→ Key stakeholders survey & Study of the needs and the behaviors of the tourists model.

→ Innovative actions to improve the experience of the tourist.

→ Tourism product creation and promotion.

→ Communication and valorization – events planned.


  • UNESCO and greenways some examples and framework for cooperation, outside the project partner’s consortium.  (25’)

Walloon region. Gilbert Perrin, Chemin du Rail (Belgium)

→ Czech Republic. Daniel Moureck,  Nadace partnersvi ( Czech Republic)

→ Other examples


  • Interactive Session with participants (25 ‘)

Best practices guide in innovative actions in greenways and/or UNESCO sites – Janis Sijats – Latvian Greenways association (5 min)

Participants in the room presenting their initiatives to a) generate tourism product in greenways and cultural heritage and b) best practice in innovative actions to inform visitors and improve their experience with specific examples in greenways and /or UNESCO cultural sites.

→ What works and what does not? How the project Greenways Heritage can support their actions?

→ What technologies are the most appropriate for each situation, and what their impact, cost, and maintenance requirements are?

→ How participants can support the project and promote greenways at European level.

 [All participants are strongly encouraged to participate actively: please share with us your experiences!

  •  Questions and Debate: opportunities from European Funds for greenways (20′)

 Close: 18:30

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