Greenways Heritage next open activities in Flandres & Wallonie (Belgium)

  • Tuesday 21 May 2019:

10 -12: Workshop Greenways Heritage about cycle tourism and cultural heritage: innovation through the use of new technology

Press conference.

Venue: Museum Hof van Busleyden – Mechelen:

Visit by bike (*) along greenways from Averbode to UNESCO Beguinage of Diest in the afternoon.

(*) Previous confirmation required. Reservation until 15 May: Kris.ROCKELE[at]


  • 10.00 hours: Welcome by Björn Siffer, (political representative of the city of Mechelen).
  • 10.15 hours: Jan De Haes, (political representative of the Province of Antwerp): “The innovation in leisure industry and cycle tourism: opportunities and treats for SMEs”.
  • 10.30 hours: Mercedes Muñoz, (director of European Greenways Association (EGWA), project coordinator): “Greenways Heritage: state of affairs (project status) and future actions in this COSME-EU funded project”.
  • 10.45 hours: Giulio Senes, (Milan University): “Greenways Heritage and Touristic GIS/multiplatform Web-GIS based application: opportunities for SMEs in Europe”.
  • 11.00 hours: Bram Van Oost, (marketing manager of POPPR): “The development of Augmented Routes for the cultural and creative industry: the app we are launching today”.
  • 11:15 hours: Melissa Geerts, (coordinator – heritage consultant De Merode):The beguinages of Mechelen and Diest: a paradise for heritage lovers and slow tourism thanks to the greenways between the two World Heritage sites”.
  • 11:30 hours: Signature of the Guimarães Declaration: declaration for the promotion of  UNESCO sites and greenways as common destinations in Europe. Political representatives can sign the declaration if they want to do that.
  • 11:45 hours: Björn Siffer, talks about how Mechelen stimulates sustainable tourism.
  • 11:55 hours: Bram Van Oost, gives a demonstration of the App that connects greenways and heritage.

  •  Wednesday 22 May 2019:

15: 00: Workshop “Greenways and UNESCO heritage in Wallonia”

Venue : boat lift nr 3 on the Historical “Canal du Centre

⇒ Confirmation of attendance by e.mail:  direction[at]

⇒ Language: English


  • Some pictures of the events.


Location: Mechelen - Diest - Antwerp province - Walloon Region