Sleep in a train car

Country: Spain
Greenway: Vía Verde de la Sierra

Description of the offer

Situated in Olvera Station, at Via Verde de la Sierra, we offer an original accommodation in the nature. Four bungalows that reproduce the train cars that go across the Jerez‐Almargen railway in the XIX century. All bungalows have 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom, one of them is adapted for disabled people. You can enjoy an exterior swimming pool in summer. We included 4 bikes to go along Via Verde de la Sierra (all day rate). Lunch or dinner in Green Station Olvera. Guided tour of Via Verde de la Sierra Centre.

What does this offer include?

1. One night’s accommodation for 4 people.
2. Rent of bikes for 4 people to enjoy Vía Verde de la Sierra (From 9.00 a.m to
18:00 p.m)
3. Lunch or Dinner in Green Station Olvera
(alcoholic beverages not included).
4. Guided tour of Via Verde de la Sierra Centre(Olvera)

*At weekends and holidays minimum 2

Coordinating company of the offer.

Name of the company:SESCA09, SL
Phone no.:+34687676462‐ +34657987432
Email address:
Web site:

*Note: Info from Provider

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All year round