Limbaži – lake Katvaru

Country: Latvia
Greenway name: Limbaži – lake Katvaru

Description of the offer

The Greenway leads from the Hanseatic town Limbaži to the lake Katvaru using the historical reconstructed railway line Rīga– Rūjiena. The total length of the Greenway is about 7 km, but since it ends at the lake one also needs to cycle back. The Greenway is covered with sand and gravel, and completely restricted for motorized traffic.
At the end of this Greenway, a beautiful view over the lake can be enjoyed from a platform made from rail sleepers. This is also a popular place for anglers. It is possible to rent a boat as well as take a rest and cook your catch on‐site at the nearby campsite.There is also a swimming area available for cyclists there.

What does this offer include?

1. Half‐day cycling on the greenways in a self‐ guided or guided tour
2. Optional one night’s accommodation for two people at hotel/campsite
2. Route by bike along the Greenway for 1/2 day
4. Optional bike rental

Coordinating company of the offer:

Name of the company: Baltic Cycling
Phone no.: 00 371 29175314
Email address:
Web site:

*Note: Info from Provider

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