EGWA takes part in the co-implementation of the Transition Pathway for Tourism

EGWA has contributed to the European Commission’s call for the co-implementation of the Transition Pathway for Tourism, proposing concrete actions to undertake. Pledges of the Association are included in the EC publication summarising the commitments and pledges made by stakeholders.

The European Commission has published the results of the first collected commitments and pledges made by tourism stakeholders, responding to its call for commitments published in February 2022. You can download it here:

See on the European Commission web page the list of 112 organisations that have sent commitments, and the list of 186 concrete pledges. The published pledges covering 25 of the 27 transition pathway topics. EC mentions that there are many more pledges in the pipeline, still being elaborated and clarified by their submitters to be published during the next round.

EGWA is one of the organisations that responded to the European Commission with concrete pledges, to contribute to the co-implementation of the Transition Pathway for Tourism.


It is worth noting that although in meetings and in the written contribution during the process of the “Co-creation Transition Pathway for tourism “ we insisted on the need to promote safe cycling and walking infrastructure, such as greenways and the non-motorised routes, and on cycle tourism, there is hardly any mention of these infrastructures and activities in the EC policy report Transition Tourism Pathway.The only mentions of cycling and pedestrians are in pag 24:

Infrastructure needs to achieve the twin transition. Sustainable mobility infrastructure

(…)  Sustainable travelling challenge should also be addressed by local travelling options at destination. At destinations, mobility infrastructure needs relate, for example, to slow mobility infrastructures (biking, pedestrian and green areas), as well as charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, infrastructure for electric scooters, bikes etc. Using such active mobility opportunities together with public transport options should be encouraged both for residents and visitors.

EGWA’s pledges for co-implementation highlight the importance of greenways, and active mobility such as cycling and walking, for tourism and everyday life, and the need of safe and accessible non-motorised infrastructures.

They are concrete actions for the co-implementation of the European tourism transition, while giving visibility and supporting our request to include greenways as priority in the European Tourism Agenda 2030.

The EGWA pledges cover actions in 9 of the 27 themes proposed by the EC for co-implementation, targeting the green and digital transition:

  • Topic 4: Comprehensive tourism strategies development or update
  • Topic 6 Sustainable mobility
  • Topic 8: Green transition of tourism companies and SMEs
  • Topic 10: Improve the availability of information on tourism offer online
  • Topic 16: Support for digitalisation of tourism SMEs and destinations
  • Topic 20: Awareness raising on changes in tourism demand and the opportunities of twin transition for tourism
  • Topic 25: Enhancing accessible tourism services
  • Topic 26: Tourism services for visitors and residents alike
  • Topic 27: Support visibility of funding opportunities for tourism actors

The EGWA proposals clearly specify the scope of action, related to greenways “ecosystem” in a comprehensive way. The proposed actions are basically related to awareness raising and promotion. Includes preparation of a brochure to promote sustainability, news and posts. Some EGWA members also foreseen own commitment for co-implementation.

>> Download here the EGWA proposed actions . We will work to deliver on the co-implementation commitments.

>> The EC policy report (published on 04/02/2022) is available here:

It was presented on Tuesday, 8 February, during the spotlight event on tourism during the EU Industry Days, with the participation of the European Commissioner.  EGWA participated previously in the Working groups to prepare the Transition Pathway for tourism (Co-creation).

Mercedes Muñoz Zamora
European Greenways Association, Director