EGWA will present at the 21st European Tourism Forum, about “Tourism Transition Pathway”.

The Forum is organised by the Czech Presidency together with the European Commission. 

EGWA have been invited to present at the 21st European Tourism Forum, about “Tourism Transition Pathway” and examples of good practice in its implementation, and it will be an honour to present in this important event.

The Ministry of Regional Development will host the European Tourism Forum on 15th November 2022 at the Congress Centre in Prague, which will be one of the most important events in the field of tourism this year. On 15th November, the speakers will include representatives of the European Commission, experts and representatives of other institutions according to the selected topic, both from the Czech Republic and abroad. (For further details, please see:

The program will be divided into four thematic blocks:

  • 1) Package Travel Directive (PTD) – lessons learned from pandemic
  • 2) Short-Term Rentals Regulation (STR)
  • 3) Transition Pathway for Tourism (TTP) as a basis for the European Agenda for Tourism 2030
  • 4) Tourism marketing activities – recent trends

EGWA presentation is scheduled in block 3, Transition Pathway for Tourism (TTP) as a basis for the European Agenda for Tourism 2030

This will be a great opportunity to insist on our call to include greenways and the transformation of disused railways into greenways (cycle-pedestrian and accessible to all kind of people) as a priority in the European Tourism Agenda 2030, as a concrete measure to contribute to a more sustainable tourism, and to make it more resilient to external influences.





> The context

EGWA has actively participated in the co-creation process of the Transition Pathway for Tourism by contributing with written proposals and in the working group meetings, and later to the co-implementation.

  • EGWA pledges

The EGWA’s pledges (to contribute to the co-implementation of the Tourism Transition Pathway) are obviously focus on greenways (voies vertes, vías verdes, ecopistas, RAVel,). To make visible the need for safe infrastructure and promotion of greenways and non-motorised routes, safe and accessible, for cycling, walking and wheeling, insisting on active mobility, and to contribute to the twin transition of the whole greenway ecosystem, in a holistic way. 

Further info:

The Commission accepted the EGWA pledges, and published them on the website,

In the Together for Tourism, Summary of stakeholder commitments published on 28 June 2022 produced by the EC, there is some specific mentions of EGWA’s commitments.

Together for EU Tourism stakeholders meeting.

The Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship & SMEs organized a event to support the co-implementation of the Transition pathway for tourism, in which EGWA also participated. Presentations of the event can be found >> here

Marie-Hélène Pradines. Tourism & Textiles Head of Unit, DG GROW mentioned in her presentation at the OurWay Final  conference  the EGWA’s involvement in the co-implementation.

  •  European Tourism Agenda 2030

The topic of the forum is also the European Tourism Agenda 2030, which is currently in the process of negotiation and must be approved by the Council. 

Therefore EGWA will insist in having a more clear EU Tourism priority in this issue, and to include greenways and the transformation of disused railways into greenways (cycle-pedestrian and accessible to all kind of people) as a priority of the European Tourism Agenda 2030.

This is in line with the “European Parliament resolution of 25 March 2021 on establishing an EU strategy for sustainable tourism (2020/2038(INI), to promote a sustainable tourism strategy and agenda, so necessary.

We very much appreciate the specific mention to the reconversion of disused railway lines in article #44, but we also request for the revision of the text /translation of this article. The English version keeps not clear and can bring doubt of interpretation because it omits the kind of reconversion proposed; the rest of the versions seems based in the English version and so have the same inaccurate translation.

EGWA sent a letter to the rapporteur of the European Parliament, to revise the translation of the conversion of old railway lines into greenways. The letter includes explanations and justification of the interest of the Greenways in Europe.

=> We are asking for the support of representative bodies to this request.

=> We encourage you to disseminate this request among your network of national contacts in sectoral state and regional ministries involved in tourism, transport, rural, and regional development; representatives of the European Parliament; the Committee of the Regions – Natural Resources – NAT, (…), involved in transport and tourism, and ask them to support this demand as a concrete measure for a more sustainable and resilient tourism and active mobility in Europe.


Mercedes Muñoz Zamora
European Greenways Association, Director

Location: Prague