EGWA presented Greenways Europe iniciative to the PEP (Pan-European Transport, Health & Environment Programme) experts’ working group on Sustainable Tourism Mobility.


Many thanks for the invite! A pleasure to contribute and spread the word on greenways as great infrastructure for sustainable tourism mobility




Supported by the secretariats of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Transport and Environment Divisions in Geneva and the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe (WHO/Europe) in Copenhagen, THE PEP is a unique policy platform that seeks to encourage transport policymakers and urban planners to consider the health and environmental impacts of transport, and address them through shared policy approaches. By bringing together the ministries of transport, health and environment, THE PEP acknowledges the importance of linking these different sectors.

At the 5th high-level meeting on Transport Health Environment in Vienna 2021 the ministers decided to initiate a new THE PEP Partnership on Sustainable Tourism Mobility. It aims at bringing together the relevant stakeholders responsible for mobility, climate action, and tourism in a European platform in order to further promote the sustainable tourism development of the pan-European region.

Compared to other international initiatives, the partnership focusses in particular on the question of how the national level can integrate the promotion of sustainable mobility in tourism in its strategies and actions as well as improve cross-sectoral cooperation and by doing so support destinations to promote and implement sustainable mobility in tourism.

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Credit photos: © Vias Verdes – FFE

Location: Madrid