SIGWAY Sport in Greenways: next implementation of pilot actions on site


EGWA, with the support of their members, continue working on the organization of pilot sports and physical activity activities on greenways, as part of the SIGWAY project.

Those corresponding to the EGWA are linked to cycling on greenways and aimed at young people. They are planned to be carried out in Belgium, Wallonia and Flanders, 16 and 17 March in:

  • Herve , in collaboration with the Maison de Turisme de Pays d’Herve ; on the RAVEL line 38, winner of the 1st European Greenways Award 2021.
  • Aarschot / Herentals withthe collaboration of the Province of Antwerp , and Café Welkom; on the greenway near Aarschot – Herentals

Many thanks to our members, Anne Zinnen director of the Maison De Tourisme de Pays D’Herve, and Kris Rockele, from the outdoor leisure department of the province of Antwerp for their invaluable and essential support in carrying out these actions; without their direct help its realization would not be possible.


Furthermore EGWA guides the partners, in this phase of the project, to identify the needs of the potential greenways selected by the project partners in their corresponding countries, for their transformation into greenways. The meetings planned with focus groups in the different countries represented, will allow us to know first-hand the recommendations of the stakeholders related to the transformation of these potential greenways. Subsequently, the EGWA, will prepare a guide of recommendations for the transformation into greenways, aimed at municipalities that have disused railway tracks in their area, with the information from the different territories. Examples proposed by partners in the following countries will be considered: Austria, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Slovakia, and Italy.

>> Participation of the EGWA members in the focus group from these countries will be especially appreciated; the meetings will take place soon; a next call for collaboration will follow.

Thanks to the SIGWAY project, the greenway concept is being extended to new countries; we are confident that there can be further achievements and thus contribute to the further extension of greenways throughout Europe, and to their wider use for physical activities, whether for leisure, daily mobility, or tourism.

SIGWAY project is funded by ERASMUS programme.

Further info on Sport & Physical Activity in Greenways >> here


Mercedes Muñoz Zamora
European Greenways Association, Director

Location: Belgium: Herve and Aarschot