EGWA  in solidarity with Ukrainia


We would like to express our deepest sorrow and warmest solidarity with Ukrainian people, that are suffering and dying after the unexpected escalation of violence since February 23 in the Ukrainian territory. We are witnessing to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis on our European continent.

We support Ukrainian communities, as well as other people impacted by the invasion.

We encourage every person to help in any way possible, as we are already doing personally in the best way each one can.

We thank and support our members close to the borders who are helping greenways friends and refugees.

We will continue doing our best to contribute to a better Europe by promoting greenways as a safe and sustainable transport infrastructure for non-motorised use for all. This is our small contribution to help to reduce energy consumption and dependence, now more important than ever.

We condemn the invasion and call to the Russian authorities to stop this aggression.


All the members of EGWA