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» Greenweek Report: “Past lessons, Future Challenges” (Brussels 12-15 June 2007 - 10/07/2007

The Green week is a unique opportunity to share & exchange experiences and best practices among NGO’s, private companies & various levels of government and public administrations. It is organised in Brussels by the European community.

72% of the Europeans believe that Europe must invest more in the good management of our environment. This is a good point but there is still a long way to go in protecting our environment.


Energy security and climate change are now clearly linked. The acceptance of this link did permit to convince and motivate all the actors included in the management of the climate (not so long time ago, it was considered that ecology was clearly an agent against economic development. Today, it is commonly accepted that sustainable development is full of business potential).


Despite some specific actions to fight against pollution have been accepted and taken locally, global action to immediately reduce pollution is not yet launched.


Europe is still a leader in the development of Eco-technologies, but USA is coming back quickly. Loosing the advantage of being leaders would have a significant economic impact.


Action is needed more than ever in order to keep ecology as a major objective and to push Europe to lead the fight against pollutions.


Climate change:


According to a scientific consensus, there is a 90% (99% according to Prof. Stefan Rahmstorf, is professor of physics of the oceans at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany) certainty that humans are the major cause of the global warming (IPCC report). These activities have different effects: The CO2 emission seems to be the biggest problem, including greenhouse gas, effect on the seawater which is becoming more acid...


Ice covering Polar Regions is melting faster than planed and ice melting influence on ocean dynamics is not known. The real impact of massive ice melting is in fact still quite unknown.


Despite these recognised facts, the research & development investments on classic energies are increasing and R&D investments on clean energies are decreasing. Lots of efforts are still to do in order to prioritize clean energy.


Against these facts, some lobbies maintain that obliging European companies to take actions against CO2 emissions is a handicap for Europe as other regions does not support the “costs” of ecology and can produce cheaper. Main argument is that the cause of global warming is not 100% sure and that science already made mistakes in the past.


So, in order to avoid doing any mistake, let’s use greenways for our daily mobility and short displacements if possible and for the pleasure as much as possible for contributing personally to the protection of our environment and to the good health of persons  


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