Asociatia pentru Dezvolarea Turismului de Sanatate si Social

Contact details:

Benabdallah Jamil; President ;  DRAGOMAN Sabin – Vice President

104 Bd Ion Mihalache, bl 85, sc C, et 5, ap 82, sector 1 Bucharest,  Romania

Email: jamil@swtourism.com, office@shtourism.eu

Web:  www.swtourism.com  (still not available) http://www.shtourism.eu/index.html

Phone: ++40 (0) 727 938 178

Purpose of the organization: Established in 2014, the Association for the Development of Social & Wellness Tourism is gathering private stakeholders and experts in the field of social, senior and wellness tourism development. Its aim is to enforce the development of social tourism define as programmes, events, and activities that enable all population groups – and particularly youth, families, retirees, individuals with modest incomes, and individuals with restricted physical capacity – to enjoy tourism activities, while also attending to the quality of relations between visitors and host communities. It looks for providing access to local outdoor and sport activities for low income categories and to foster the rehabilitation of derelict urban and rural areas especially in terms of recreational, social and educational opportunities.